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One Heart Drummers started in 2015 when our founding members decide to combine their skills and experience taking a few drums along to a health and wellbeing event at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. A few great conversations lead to involvement at other events and festivals including the Heart of the Valley show at Pontardawe and from there it was decided that a monthly drum circle was needed to allow for opportunities to connect with all the people that were being met at the various events.


As the drum circle developed more opportunities opened up for One Heart Drummers to take drums into schools, provide drumming for team building with businesses and shake the ground with some rhythms at various fetes and carnivals. 

The beat goes on....

Entering into 2020 and some personal changes, One Heart Drummers are set to continue growing all that was started back in 2015, helping more young people enjoy drumming in schools, building teams and taking drums into business and community groups and providing a pulse at festivals and carnivals. 

And there's more.....

Drum fixing has now become a part of what's on offer along with drum sales and new training packages to help organisations run drum circles for themselves.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more please get in touch with One Heart Drummers through the contact page!  



At One Heart Drummers we love drumming and making rhythms with people so we have developed a number of routes to drum with us. From packages for schools and team building for businesses, sessions for community groups and other organisations or providing drumming experiences at festivals and carnivals, One Heart drummers are always happy to bring drums and rhythms to your setting. Please take a look below for more information but if you cant find what you are looking for please get in touch and we can arrange some drumming to suit your requirements!

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At One Heart Drummers we love drumming with people, and are experienced at provided drumming for team building sessions with businesses. Our team building sessions provide a great environment for getting to know one another, developing communication, reflection on team contribution and collaboration, valuing team members or looking at leadership and authenticity. We can provide bespoke packages to suit your requirements but whatever you choose, drumming together provides a great way to gather people together and the principle of 'entrainment' mean we will soon have everyone playing the same beat! Drumming can also aid wellbeing and provide for something of a de-stressing activity and is by nature somewhat therapeutic and useful to the workplace. 

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Community Groups

From scouting and guide groups, to organisations that support people with additional learning and physical needs, day centres and nurseries, parenting groups and play schemes, churches and wellbeing organisations, One Heart Drummers can bring some rhythms and beats to a wide variety of settings. With sessions that have been developed to be accessible for everyone and games and instruction, we can help everyone get involved and have loads of fun. Sessions start at 1hr long but can be adapted to fit your setting. 

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Events and

Our first outing as a group was at an event at the National Botanic Gardens, and from there back in 2015 we have continued taking drumming into various events and festivals. From events at Hay on Wye to drumming on the green at Beddgelert in North Wales, leading carnivals to providing have a go drumming at country shows, at One Heart Drummers  we love to provide drumming experiences for people from 0 - 100+ years old and its great fun seeing drumming bring people together. If we can provide some drumming for your event, please just message us but please be advised our time gets filled up quickly for these types of drumming activities!

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Taking drums into schools is a real joy for us as we have the opportunity to add something different to the school day and help young people step into the world of rhythm and percussion. We can provide a variety of packages for schools from 1hr long sessions to full day or week drumming experiences; 

* Drum Doctor sessions involve experiments with sound, junk drumming and simple drum design and construction.

* Drum and fun sessions are all about engaging young people in drumming with a variety of games and rhythms to help everyone get on board.

* Drum Tribe is all about team building and helping young people communicate with the drum, listen to others and gain appreciation for other peoples contribution.

* National curriculum linked sessions can be crafted to meet specific elements of the curriculum and help your class/group develop.

* Bespoke sessions can be provided to link with a current theme, to target specific issues, or provide for something more contemplative.

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Drumming with a group of other people is a great activity which brings people together and so we have begun to offer drumming for different settings, such as at weddings, birthday parties and other social gatherings. We can also provide drumming as background sound for events as well as providing drum lessons on both djembe and drum kit. We are also available to help wellbeing services as drumming has been show to benefit people in a wide range of ways. For an example of some research on this subject, please copy and paste the link below into your browser or click the small drum here-

there is a Pdf file that can be downlaoded for the full report.



For any problems with your drum please get in contact with us for help with the following:

Broken drum skin or just needing a new drum skin due to holes or wear and tear.

Broken/cracked drum shell or chips and dents.

Drum retuning or re-stringing.

Just click the drum below for more information.

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Drum doctor


At One Heart Drummers we are developing a range of books and training resources.

We can also supply drums and percussion items both new and second hand, to help get you or your organisation making some beats and rhythms .

If you want to set up a drum circle or make drumming a part of your organisation we can provide training to help you start, grow and run drumming sessions.

Please visit our contact page or call back soon as we will be updating this page regularly.

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